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1 in 5 students on track to be labeled 'Chronically Absent'
Posted 01/19/2018 08:00PM

Principal's message

We have a serious attendance problem. One in five of our students are on track to be labeled chronically absent. This number has grown since I first wrote about it in December.

Being at school on time every day is the only way to ensure your child's success. The State of California recently started tracking chronic absenteeism. A child is labeled as chronically absent if he or she missed over 10% of school. This includes both excused and unexcused. Again, students can't learn if they are not at school.

While we accept that there are emergency and other reasonable excuses for missing school such as fever, family emergency, or medical procedures; the State does not. Anyone missing over 10% is chronically absent.

Currently, we have 79 students who have missed more than 10% of this school year, and another 80 at risk. This is unacceptable. While we know that some families have real struggles, we need to find ways to get everyone to school every day. We will continue holding meetings with these families and trying to identify supports and brainstorm solutions. For any family we have counselors, a social worker, therapist, and team of teachers, support staff and admins that are here to help. If you want your child to succeed, they need to be here on time every day.

Let's work together. We can do better.

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