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Parent-Teacher Conference Days
Posted 11/11/2020 05:55PM

November 17 (No Instruction After Lunch), November 18 (No School), November 19 (No Instruction After Lunch)

Tips for a good and productive conference:

Talk to your child. Write down questions. Think about your child's learning style and study habits.

Both parents should attend the conference, if possible.

Ask questions about your child's learning style, or any concerns you may have.

Stay calm. Concentrate on anticipating problems, finding solutions and developing a good working relationship with the teacher.

Share any information that might help the teacher develop a better understanding of your child.

Decide with the teacher what, if anything, needs to be done to support your child. Agree on plans, responsibilities and future steps before you leave.

Talk with your child after the conference and share what was discussed.

Follow up. Implement your end of any agreement. Keep in touch with the teacher.

Ask for additional help if you aren't getting results. If you and the teacher have exhausted your collective resources suggest that the two of you "bring in reinforcements."

Lastly, most, if not all parent-teacher conferences will be held virtually, save and flag the link you'll use to log on, be on time, and do not stay beyond your allotted time.

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