Positive Behavior Programs

Student of the Week

To recognize each student’s unique strengths and accomplishments, teachers select a different student each week/month to be Student of the Week in their classrooms. Students are honored in their classrooms in a variety of ways.

Special Incentives

In addition to Student of the Month, students can earn certificates, privileges, or rewards for achievement in a special area of behavior determined by the teacher or principal. Awards for Perfect Attendance, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Principal’s Honor Roll, and Reading At Home are awarded each trimester.

Student can also earn Woody Kindness slips for doing good deeds around school. These students are recognized on our Woody’s Kindness Club Wall in the cafeteria.

In addition to the above school wide incentives for positive behavior, each classroom has a plan for encouraging and rewarding appropriate behavior. Students who earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze Honor Roll for both trimester 1 and 2 and are eligible for the honor at trimester 3’s progress report will earn the privilege to go to Raging Waters.

Super Citizen

The Super Citizen award is given at the end of each trimester to students in grades 1 - 6 who have demonstrated outstanding citizenship and study habits as indicated on their report cards. Super Citizens are members of the Norwood Creek Honor Society that also includes Gold and Silver Honor Roll recipients. Super Citizens are honored each trimester in a ceremony and receive a special certificate for their accomplishment. Students who earn the Super Citizen honor for both trimesters will get to attend the reward movie party.

Honor Roll

Students in grades 4 through 6 can earn academic honor roll. For Gold Honor Roll students must earn all As and no Nsor Us in behavior. For Silver honor roll students must earn As and Bs and no Nsor Us in behavior. For Bronze honor roll students must earn an A for each C to make a B average, no D's or Ns or Us in behavior.

Safe and Caring Schools

The Safe & Caring Schools program incorporates social/emotional learning into daily academic instruction. Activities develop competencies in self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. The Safe and Caring Schools program promotes activities that decrease negative behaviors including bullying, harassment, and violence. The program promotes an environment where everyone can build strong character and experience academic success. This year we continue to use quality literature to help illustrate each character skill and build developmental assets in our students. Students, staff, and parent volunteers explore how characters in various books illustrate the highlighted character skill and brainstorm ways in which they can do the same. There will be a theme focus and character skill highlighted in our school newsletters each month.

Student Council

Norwood Creek Student Council represents the voice of our students. They help to plan and execute school-wide special activities and provide input on school decisions. Our Student Council consists of four student officers, which include president, vice president, treasurer, and historian. Also included are two class representatives per class from grades 1-6.

Student Council officer positions are open to all students in grades 4-6. Elections are held every year in the spring and are voted on by students from grades 1-6. Meetings are held during lunch one Tuesday each month from October-May. The student council, which is overseen by two Norwood Creek teachers, manages and/or assists in programs such as the student recycle program, daily morning announcements, and our weekly whole school “Lodge” meeting. They raise money throughout the year with their four Spirit Gram sales and student run recycling program.

Project Cornerstone

Developmental assets are positive relationships, opportunities, values and skills that young people need to become caring and responsible. Norwood Creek School is committed to helping our children in developing these assets. Through our partnership with Project Cornerstone, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of class and school wide service projects. In addition to our commitment to students, we are making a commitment of the families of our community. We would like our community to become knowledgeable about developmental assets and ways to build them in our youth. Workshops and opportunities for parents to participate in the program will be made available.

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