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School Choice Transfer Request

The parent/guardian may request that a child attends a school other than their home school within ESD through a School Choice Transfer Request.

Some highlights of the School Choice Transfer Request process include:

  1. Child must be registered at their designated home school.
  2. Transfer requests are approved based on a lottery and on space availability for School Choice Transfer Requests at the requested school.
  3. Parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of students approved for a School Choice Transfer Request.
  4. Approval is for a specific school.
  5. Students who are not approved for a School Choice Transfer Request will attend their home school.

Please see School Choice Options for details about the 2021-2022 process.

Interdistrict Transfer Request

Outgoing - Transferring to a school in another district:

Evergreen School District will now be accepting Interdistrict Transfer Requests to attend another school in another school district outside of the Evergreen School District through the following process:

  1. Access the ESD Interdistrict Transfer Form (transfer outside of the ESD).
  2. Complete the form in its entirety including noting any services your child might be receiving (IEP/504).
  3. If your child is receiving services, a copy of the IEP or 504 will be required upon submission.
  4. Scan or take a photo of the completed form, one proof of residency (a current bill or statement) and the IEP/504 (if applicable) to Amy Shaffer:
  5. Once approved, your request will be sent via email to the requesting district.
  6. Please contact your requesting district for confirmation of receipt and approval or denial of your request.

Incoming - Transferring to an Evergreen School District (ESD) school from another district:

Children residing outside ESD may request enrollment at a school within ESD by starting the Interdistrict Transfer process at their home school district. Approval must be obtained from the home school district as well as from ESD prior to enrolling at an ESD school. ESD approvals of Interdistrict Transfer Requests are based on space availability and require an annual renewal. Parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of students approved through the Interdistrict Transfer Request process. If the child has an IEP or a 504 that will be required upon submission. Upon receipt of the approved transfer release from your home district, please forward the scanned signed original to Amy Shaffer at

If your request should be approved by the Evergreen School District, you may then move forward with our online registration process.

Should your outgoing or incoming Interdistrict Transfer request be denied by the Evergreen School District, please refer to the Santa Clara County Office of Education web site for information regarding the appeal process.

Please contact Amy Shaffer at with any questions regarding the interdistrict transfers process.

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