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Planning Process

Schools Reopening Planning Process

School Reopening Planning Process Timeline

Phase 1: Collecting stakeholder data

Phase 2: Analyzing the data, and developing scenarios and plans for in-person instruction, blended learning format or virtual learning models

Phase 3: Decision making and implementation

  • Implement allowable (per county and state health orders) contingency plan, developed with stakeholder input and incorporating county and state health guidelines.
  • Develop Reopening Models

Looking ahead to the 2020-21 school year, the Evergreen School District is excited about reopening our schools, while also prioritizing the health and safety of our staff and students. We have learned many lessons from the sudden school closures due to COVID-19 and are evaluating optimal ways to not only provide excellent instruction, but to also maximize student learning this coming school year. Clear expectations will be known and communicated, and our staff and teachers will be equipped with the training and resources to successfully deliver instruction in a variety of formats.

The District acknowledges that our community has a strong desire to plan ahead for the needs of students and families, classroom and school site needs, and to have certain answers sooner rather than later. Our goal is for our school reopening plans to be confirmed by the end of July.

As we move forward in our school reopening planning, there are several variables and facts that our district will be keeping in mind:

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic still exists throughout our world, country, state and county. Evergreen School District’s school reopening plans will continue to adhere to state and county health orders, and may need to change at any time, including closing school buildings again, if necessary.
  2. Evergreen School District’s school reopening process will be transparent and approaches will be responsive to and flexible for our district community, which includes families, classified and certificated staff, and students. As such, the district will communicate in a timely manner, and will incorporate stakeholder input into our school reopening process, including a Superintendent’s Advisory Committee, stakeholder input sessions, and identifying other means for stakeholders’ perspectives to be heard.
  3. Evergreen School District recognizes that the pandemic, its associated school closures, and recent events in our nation around racism have had a profound impact on the mental, social, and emotional well-being of our students and staff. Our district remains committed to addressing and responding to these needs before and during the 2020-21 school year. The Evergreen School District will also continue to increase its focus and approaches to improving equity in our district for our students and staff.
  4. Regardless of how instruction is delivered, the Evergreen School District will continue to uphold high standards of instruction aligned with California State Standards.

Reopening Goals

To develop a robust reopening plan that addresses:

  1. How we keep students and employees safe
  2. How to reopen schools under various circumstances
  3. How we adapt our learning environment to various circumstances
  4. How we create an equitable learning environment for all students under any circumstance

Factors to be Considered

Public Health Risks

  • To what extent can the health of students, staff, families and the general population be safeguarded while opening schools?

Impact on Student Learning and Achievement

  • To what extent do students fall behind when schools are closed?
  • To what extent are inequities exacerbated during school closures?

Ability to Safeguard Schools

  • To what extent are we prepared to reopen with the right safety measures in place?


  • To what extent are we prepared to offer learning options for students whose families may want 100% online distance learning?

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