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Updated August 9, 2020

Students will participate in full online distance learning for the first half of the 2020-21 school year, beginning on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

With full online distance learning, curriculum and instruction will be delivered in a 100% distance education format, which will utilize online instruction, online class meetings, online exams, and online submission of projects and assignments.

Over the next two weeks, students and parents can expect the following information, which will be sent the school:

District-wide Information

  • Distance Learning Handbook
  • Annual Notices

School Site Information

  • Schedules
  • School Manual
  • Class assignment/schedule
  • Material and ChromeBook/iPad pick up information
  • School related information, ie clubs/activities, expectations/rules/procedures, schedules of events for the year

Classroom Teacher Information

Classroom expectations, rules, procedures, etc.

Read more about what you can expect during this school year.

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions we have received from our community. Additional information is available on our district Schools Reopening webpages.


Distance Learning Schedule and Calendar

Q: When is the first day of school?

A: The 2020-21 school year begins Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

Q: When are observed school holidays and inservice days?

A: During distance learning we will observe regularly scheduled holidays and inservice days. The weekly school calendar is available on the front page of each school’s website The district approved calendar for the year listing holidays and inservice days is available on our calendar page.

Q: Will there be Back to School night? If so, when?

A: Each principal is planning their school’s Back To School night approach in a virtual format, and more information will be sent via email and posted on the schools' websites.

Reopening Process and Procedures


What is the timeline for the planning process?
We plan on presenting the Distance Learning plan to the Evergreen Board of Education on July 31, 2020. Learn more about the timeline and community input process here.

When will the 2020-21 school year begin?
Fall semester learning will begin on August 19, 2020.

What is the status of the Hybrid Learning Model?
The District is continuing planning for the hybrid model to be implemented in January 2021, if it is safe for students to return to campus. More information about these plans will be shared at a later date.

More timeline information


How is Evergreen School District approaching its plans for fall 2020?
The process for how schools will be reopened and the learning model (or combination of learning models) to be implemented in the Evergreen School District will be determined by the Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Committee (TLSEAC). The committee includes parent and student stakeholder input, as well as working district staff subcommittees. The TLSEAC's recommendations will be taken to the Evergreen School District Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will make the final decision regarding the approach to schools re-opening. Learn more about this process here.

More process information

What guidance is Evergreen School District consulting as it considers reopening schools?

Evergreen School District’s Schools Reopening Goals include developing a robust reopening plan that addresses:

  1. How we keep students and employees safe
  2. How to reopen schools under various circumstances
  3. How we adapt our learning environment to various circumstances

Evergreen School District will continue to work closely with regional officials in determining when and how to reopen schools.

Guidelines that will influence our in person reopening plans include:

What standards and requirements will the district be following for distance learning?
Please review the information on the Distance Learning webpage.

How will grading be handled in the upcoming school year?
We are reviewing grading approaches and the return to a traditional grading approach in the fall, and will have more information about this later this month.

Will my child be enrolled at their home campus for distance learning?
Yes, students will be enrolled through their home campus for distance learning.

Will there be childcare for ESD staff members’ children, students?
We recognize the need for childcare. We are working with the City of San Jose, YMCA, and other child-care providers to ensure availability of childcare for families. An update will be provided soon.

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

How will the Evergreen School District update families and other stakeholders?
We know that the District’s decisions about how we reopen schools have a big impact on all of our students, families, and staff. We will continue to seek your input and communicate with you throughout the summer. As decisions are made, we will let you know through social media, our website, email, text, and phone calls, as well as through our board meetings, and the Superintendent’s Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Committee.

How were individuals for the Superintendent's advisory committees selected?
Members of the Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Advisory Committee (TLSEAC) and its subcommittees were appointed by the Superintendent in order to provide a balance of stakeholders from schools, employee, and parent groups, including parents who are knowledgeable and engaged in a number of different ways across the district.

Policy, Procedures, & Protocols

Policies, procedures and protocols will be influenced the guidance, requirements and recommendations included in the following:

Additional and specific information regarding policies, procedures and protocols for in person student learning will be provided in the upcoming months, as this process is still in the planning phases and may be subject to frequent changes.


We will be providing employees updates via email. FAQs are available on our Employee Resources page, along with information about opportunities for employee input. Employees with personal requests or need additional assistance should contact Cesar Torrico, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at

Questions or concerns about Distance Learning or Schools Reopening? Email us at

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