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Superintendent’s Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Advisory Committee

The Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Advisory Committee (TLSEAC), is an advisory committee for Evergreen School District appointed by Superintendent Dr. Flores. This committee is comprised of parents, community partners, principals, teachers, and support staff.

The TLSEAC will work alongside three subcommittees on developing specific plans for the reopening of schools. Each subcommittee will meet concurrently and provide information and updates to the TLSEC throughout the process. Click links for more information about each committee's responsibility, process, and focus:

Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Advisory Committee
Education Services Subcommittee
Teaching and learning, including online Distance Learning; schedules for learning; instructional models; social emotional learning; student supports; professional development.
Facilities/Pupil Services Subcommittee
Health and safety, facility, space, technology, nutrition services, maintenance and operations of school facilites, transportation, etc.

Human Resources Subcommittee

Staffing, contract agreements, transfers, layoffs; staff training to newly established policies, regulations, and protocols related to COVID-19, etc.

Student Focus Group

Gather ideas, feelings, perceptions, thoughts about the reopening of schools.

Schools Reopening Committees and Subcommittees Org Chart

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