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Pods4Learning (TK & K)

As part of Virtual Pathways, we offer Pods4Learning, a new parent-led and Evergreen School District-supported homeschooling experience for TK and kindergarten students. Our program is ideal for a parent who is available at least 4 hours per day for direct student instruction (depending on student’s grade level) with additional time for daily or weekly lesson preparation, Monday-Friday to facilitate their child’s learning and supervision, and for a parent who has an interest in homeschooling their child. For the 2020-21 school year, this program is limited to 25 TK students and 25 kindergarten students.

Pods4Learning Program Highlights

Students learn standards-based curriculum with a group of up to five students in a virtual environment—ensuring social and emotional engagement with their peers.
District approved curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
Two hours each week, parents and students receive personalized coaching from a credentialed teacher.
An alternative instructional program through which all enrolled students in grades TK and kindergarten may achieve curriculum objectives in a setting other than the regular classroom.
Gives parents the opportunity to teach their children at home with support from a supervising, credentialed teacher/learning coach.
Weekly learning success packets, supporting materials, along with an iPad, are also included in this program.
A stand-alone district program that is not tied to any individual school sites.
Includes monthly enrichment activities to build a vibrant community of learners of all age groups. These are standards based and designed to enrich the curriculum for all students.
Is FREE and open to all students in the Evergreen School District, Santa Clara County, and adjoining counties: Santa Cruz, San Mateo, San Joaquin, Alameda, Stanislaus, Merced and San Benito with inter-district transfer.

Pods4Learning Program also Includes

Two hours of live coaching per week
Learning coach meets virtually with each learning pod two times per week to support parent-led learning.

Two hours of live personalized student support for each learning pod via Zoom
A focus on individualized learning needs of each student. Each pod is made up of no more than five students.

Weekly personalized Learning & Success packets and materials
Students and parents provided with weekly Learning & Success packets and supporting materials, called iGotYourBack.

Each student is provided with an iPad, loaded with the apps to be used for learning
Student keeps iPad throughout the school year. Internet Hot Spot provided for students and families that need it.

An iGotYourBack backpack

  • Each student will receive an iGotYourBack learning and success packet and instructional manipulatives on Friday afternoon for lessons to be covered the following week.
  • Each student will have two backpacks. One for the learning and success materials they are to receive for the following week and one to return their learning packet and materials from the previous week.
  • On Fridays, students drop off last week's iGotYourBack while they pick up next week's iGotYourBack.

Monthly parent/teacher, and student progress meeting
Monthly meetings conducted via Zoom help create a stronger parent/teacher connection.

Learning Components of Pods4Learning

  • STEAM projects integrated throughout the curriculum: Reading, writing, math and art.
  • Enrichment Classes - Physical education, music and Spanish.

Parent Role and Responsibilities

  1. Participate during instruction with student, and instructional aide
  2. Facilitate implementation of student’s learning plan
  3. Ensure student has all learning materials ready at the beginning of class
  4. Support student in focusing and attending to lesson
  5. Monitors student
  6. Meet with supervising teacher regularly
  7. Timely submission of student work and assessments of student progress

Student’s Responsibilities

  1. Attend regularly scheduled instructional times, meetings with supervising teacher and parent
  2. Complete work by the due date
  3. Participate in district sponsored enrichment activities

How to Apply

This program has a tentative start date of September 14, 2020. To begin the application process for our Pods4Learning program, please complete this Intent to Enroll and email to

Program Contact

Derrick Watkins (
Eva Marlow (


What is TK (transitional kindergarten) and why is it important?
Transitional kindergarten provides children with an opportunity to learn in an enriching and academically challenging environment that nurtures their growth. Research shows that children who attend kindergarten readiness programs like transitional kindergarten are more likely to do well in school and attend college. Parents recognize the benefits of transitional kindergarten, and many parents have already been enrolling their children in similar programs, public and private, for years. Offering transitional kindergarten helps all of our children get the best start possible, with a curriculum that is designed just for them.

How do students benefit from transitional kindergarten?
Transitional kindergarten:

  • Uses a modified curriculum that is based on the kindergarten Common Core Standards, developmentally appropriate practices. It helps children adjust to the school environment and develop strong learning skills.
  • Provides children with the gift of time to learn skills that will help them build a strong foundation for success in elementary school.
  • Serves as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, giving children more time for hands-on, interactive learning.
  • Gives children the opportunity to spend time learning important social, emotional, and academic skills that will help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.
  • Provides young learners with a high-quality early education at no cost to parents.
  • Helps children adjust to the school environment and develop strong learning skills.
  • Provides young 5 year olds with an opportunity to start their kindergarten experience with children their own age, with teachers that can tailor lesson plans to their needs.

What is kindergarten and why is it important?
There is a large body of research that reinforces the life-long benefits of a high quality kindergarten program, which is what is provided in Evergreen School District. The kindergarten year is an important time of transition for young children. Studies show that early school experiences may instill a belief in the value of education and an appreciation for learning, including building students' confidence in their competence and their ability to learn. These students may learn important life skills, such as motivation, discipline, patience, and persistence.

Evergreen’s high quality kindergarten program:

  • Supports the learning of all children, whatever their earlier experiences, environments, cultures, languages, abilities, or disabilities
  • Uses District approved curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Is staffed by degreed, certified educators who have high-quality professional preparation and relevant training or experience in the developmental and educational needs of young children Are guided by early learning standards that emphasize the concepts and skills appropriate to and important for the kindergarten year
  • Maintains class sizes sufficient to facilitate high-quality teaching
  • Implements a coherent, research-based curriculum delivered through evidence-based teaching practices that incorporate adult-guided and child-initiated experiences, play, physical activity, and social interaction
  • Fosters the nurturing relationships and interactions between children and teachers that build the foundations for children's later learning
  • Systematically assesses children's strengths, needs, and progress with multiple tools that are developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate; analyze results, and use those data to inform teaching
  • Creates respectful relationships with families to support children's learning as well as work with families to help identify comprehensive services needed to promote kindergartners' positive development and learning
  • Promotes children's enthusiasm, initiative, persistence, and engagement in learning
  • Responds to the unique interests, learning styles, and developmental characteristics of children in their kindergarten year

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