Education Services Subcommittee

Guiding Principles

The Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Educational Services Subcommittee will make thoughtful, intentional, and deliberate efforts to recommend teaching and learning conditions for ESD schools to reopen safely. The Subcommittee will use the following guiding principles as a foundation for their recommendations to the Superintendent:

Health & Safety: Adhere to public health orders and rely on guidance and recommendations from public health officials.
Flexibility: Provide reasonable accommodations to individual students, families, and employees in response to their unique situations.
Well-Being and Support: Support the social and emotional well-being of our students, staff, and community.
Learning: Provide high-quality instruction aligned with California State Standards.

Subcommittee’s Charge

The Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Educational Services Subcommittee will be responsible to meet the following charge:

The Educational Services Committee will focus on teaching and learning, including online Distance Learning.

The Committee will take recommendations from the Health Department to identify the instructional model(s), including the daily schedule for on-campus and online Distance Learning instruction.

The Committee will determine the instructional model that will be used based on site capacity impact related to physical distancing and safety measures.
The Committee will work to address the social and emotional needs of students while considering that many students may be experiencing trauma or anxiety about returning to school.

The Committee will design a system to support unduplicated students and other high needs students including English Learners, Homeless, and Special Education students.

The Committee will develop and implement a professional development plan to support a hybrid model and online Distance Learning.


Meeting agendas and information will be presented to the Superintendent's Teaching and Learning in Safe Environments Advisory Committee. The Committee will make presentations to the community and to the Board on a needed basis.


The Educational Services Subcommittee will be composed of Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, Nurses, Counselors, Classified Support Staff, Technology Team members, and Educational Services, and other staff as needed.

Subcommittee Members

Name Site/Department/Group
Tonya Trim Director
Kim Kianidehkian Director
Kyle Sanchez Principal (Holly Oak)
Jahsve Worthy Principal (Montgomery)
Maureen McClintock Principal (Cadwallader)
Sara Spacek Assistant Principal/Teacher (Chaboya)
Derrick Watkins Principal on Special Assignment
Rachel Trowbridge Assistant Principal (LeyVa)
Aaron Brengard Principal (LeyVa)
Tonya Bailey Principal (Norwood Creek)
Gina Fierro Principal (Carolyn Clark)
Karen Wevers Administrative Assistant
Sam Sweillem Manager, I.S.
Gina Gutierrez System Data Specialist
Lori Lim Librarian
Marena DoxiePrincipal (Chaboya)
Kiran BalNurse
Ginger George Principal (Quimby Oak)
Mark Stolan Assistant Principal (Quimby Oak)
Karin Sanders Teacher on Special Assignment/Coach
Olga Sandoval Teacher (SDC)
Tremayne Wilkins Teacher (TK)
Sue Gresch Teacher (Kindergarten)
Shirley Madsen Teacher (Kindergarten)
Katie Orsburn Teacher (4/5 Combo)
Annie Williams Conrad Teacher (Middle School)
Fran Gholamipour Teacher (Speech/SPED)
Nicole Austin Nurse
Diane Hobbs LMA
Cassie Giannotta Health Clerk (Silver Oak)
Maria Bettencourt Instructional Aide
Armando Lara Assistant Principal (LeyVa)
Chris Rivas Teacher (Middle School)
Doris Malmin Teacher (4)
Evan Jones Teacher (Middle School)
Gina Ornellas Assistant Principal (Chaboya)
Jamie Hammond Assistant Principal (Quimby Oak)
James Grassi Teacher (Middle School)
Jenna Collen Teacher (Preschool)
Molly Kishimoto Teacher (SPED)
Randy Hollenkamp Teacher (Middle School)
Ruby Carinoa Teacher (Middle School)
Sergio Hernandez Teacher (SPED)
Taunya BailessCoordinator
William Connolly Teacher (Middle School)
Yvonne (Eula) Thomas Teacher (3)
Zita Cendana Teacher (SPED)


Meeting Dates: October and November
Location: Zoom Teleconference

Questions or concerns about Distance Learning or Schools Reopening? Email us at

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